Peer Group

MagnoliaTree Peer Groups are a monthly exchange and networking format for young leaders and executives in nonprofit organisations or social enterprises.

We establish a forum for open discourse and information exchange at our monthly gatherings. It combines inputs from our end with conversations in which participants can discuss their experiences. Different topics like the obstacles of being a leader and various business experiences are highlighted.

We place a high value on creating a respectful and safe space for our groups to engage in confidential discussions. Therefore, participation is preceded by a brief personal meeting so that we can get to know one another.

Topics of the previous peer groups were for example:

  • Making decisions,
  • Recognizing blind spots,
  • Feedback,
  • Fierce conversations and also
  • Meeting Design.

Currently, we organise only German speaking peer groups. But if you are interested in participating in an English speaking peer group in the future, feel free to contact us anytime via this email address: [email protected]

Based on a high participation interest, we will let you know when an English speaking peer group will take place.