Academy Offer

To sustain the most efficient growth and learning processes of NGOs and young leaders, MagnoliaTree Academy has developed various programs. We are here to support you the way you need it. Here you can find our overview of our offers. Each service gets tailored to the needs of the respective organization or person.


Our focus during Supervision is on paying attention toreflecting on, finding meaning in, and working on institutional processes within an organization. We develop content, goals, and consulting settings for managers, teams, or departments. More


The clear and primary goal of our coaching is a significant improvement in your quality of life – both professionally and personally. During the coaching process, we focus on what keeps you awake today, what occupies you, what hinders you and what hurts you. More


Mediation is a method of helping people in conflict situations to work out a solution that suits everyone and can be implemented in the long term. The prerequisite is the voluntary participation of all parties in the process. More


Facilitation is the process support we provide you within an organization to identify common potentials and solve seemingly unsolvable problems to plan actions supported by all and to increase efficiency. More