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2x Gold at the European Training Award 2024
As part of the European Training Award 2024, we were nominated twice and won gold in both categories – Classic Training & Online Training. We …
Gold at the HR Excellence Awards
Our third award in 2023 On 24 November 2023, we received our third award this year in Berlin: the prestigious HR Excellence Award in the …
2nd place at the Constantinus Award
After winning gold at the European Training Award in the spring, we are now proudly holding our second trophy in our hands. At the Constantinus …

In 2023, we were honoured with three awards. 2024 got off to a good start with two more Gold Awards at the European Training Awards for both nominations.

MagnoliaTree aims to bring leadership into the 21st century so that strategy decision-makers can successfully meet the challenges of a new era. This requires a value-focused orientation, a balance between female and male leadership attributes, and unbiased interactions between different generations. Sustainable change is only possible by reflecting on our history and looking forward to a nuanced understanding of freedom and expression. This applies not only to organizations as a whole but also to individuals within organizations. MagnoliaTree is a companion that supports your next steps with an attentive eye because even small changes can have a lasting positive effect on larger systems. MagnoliaTree sees its mission in finding answers together and in developing leadership through life experience.

MagnoliaTree in brief

MagnoliaTree is a global boutique coaching and consulting firm for executives. We are passionate about helping people grow. Our target group is courageous strategy decision-makers — “Tipping Point” executives interested in developing ethical and sustainable leadership in their organizations. Why? Because they have a lasting influence on systems, and they often lack confidants who can clearly express uncomfortable truths.

Through a collaboration with MagnoliaTree, you indirectly support a network of non-profit organizations. Each year we donate our time and at least 12.5% of our profits to organizations whose missions promote dignified, sustainable, and ethical leadership.

We care about values, not labels.

Values serve us as corporate roots in our development, and value alignment is a guiding principle in our client selection process. We see values as a sign of quality and a guideline for our work. You can be sure that working with MagnoliaTree will be a dignified and enjoyable experience. Our cooperation is based on freedom. Every encounter with MagnoliaTree is an interaction between equals. You may ask how we use our values in client selection? It’s simple. We are interested in what lies behind the label, the title, and the role. Do you and the organizations behind you live out and adhere to the values that they claim? And if not, are you dedicated to helping them develop? If you can say yes to either of these questions, we welcome you into the MagnoliaTree family. But if that is not the case, we will – in a friendly but determined manner – decline your consulting requests.

The meaning of our values

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Our Offer


MagnoliaTree is a transformation architect that supports deep growth processes and leadership development. Each coaching program is individually tailored to our clients. As a result, no two offers are the same. Instead, we offer something unique: an intensive, individual change plan taking place over several months. Our plans touch the heart, body, brain, and soul. Each client is supported by several companions – if desired. We believe in a holistic learning method, therefore clients engaging in close cooperation with other high-quality professionals is very important to us.

Transformation Architecture

MagnoliaTree is a transformation architect. Our collaboration is deeply rooted in dignified change processes, whether on an organizational, professional and/or personal level. We utilize a trinity of knowledge to promote your growth. We encourage,

  1. 1. lived, global leadership experience
  2. 2. deep expertise in change leadership and coaching
  3. 3. global cooperation and coequal interaction with decision-makers at the board and investor level

Our offers are by invitation only.

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Get inspired

Publications, Inspirations & more

MagnoliaTree is not limited to our coaching and consulting practice. We also love to write and share our sources of inspiration. We hope our resources will broaden the horizons of our clients and generate further development.

MagnoliaTree Publications
Here you will find a selection of our articles and blogs on the topics of leadership, coaching, change management, and much more.

The MagnoliaTree Vlog
On this page, you can find a curated selection of inspiring vlog-posts.

We have put together a selection of books, podcasts, videos and websites primarily focused on improving self-awareness.

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