Cooperation partner

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They are done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

In order to support our clients’ deep transformation processes, we invite other experts as needed and on request. In doing so, we always make sure that all cooperation partners share the same high-quality standards as MagnoliaTree.

Cooperation partners, we enjoyed working with successfully:


Speaker, Trainer, Coach & more

He grew up in the countryside, trained in a bank and is homosexual. Contradictions make up his life and the realization that personal responsibility leads to happiness. His passion is to help people and teams gain strength through clarity. Conflicts, personal challenges, transformations. Mehr


Human Design Consultant

Finding coherent solutions and awakening acceptance for herself and others has long been the goal of Beate Brandt. For this, she uses family constellations and above all the Human Design System. Mehr


Coach for Alexander Technique and Stressmanagement

Dr. Dirk Hausen supports people in developing their stress management systems and a body wisdom. He also guides learners in optimizing their posture and movement patterns to have the best possible physical basis for their personal change processes. More


Digitalization Expert

Mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung in der Managementberatung steht Volkmar Koch für tiefes Know-How in allen Fragen der Digitalisierung und Transformation von Unternehmen. Mehr


Expert for Personality and Impact

Elisabeth Motsch is our contact person for style questions and promising appearance, because the clothing style conveys and underlines the position and character of the wearer within a few seconds. More


Speaker and Author

Matt O’Neill is a respected international speaker and accomplished author. With a background in leading successful marketing and communications ventures, he now focuses on guiding business executives through today’s complex landscape of uncertainty, with particular expertise in The Future of Work, Leadership, and Technology. Mehr


Online-Strategy Consultant

Ritchie Pettauer is an expert in digital communication. For the past 20 years, he has assisted B2C and B2B clients from a variety of industries in designing and optimizing their digital presence. Ritchie’s special interests include B2B marketing and personal/corporate branding with LinkedIn.  More


Management consultant and business coach

Pamela Rath is an expert in work and organizational psychology and HR management, as well as a systemic coach, Agile HR Professional and Diversity Facilitator. She supports specialists and managers in companies in the area of NewWork, diversity, agility & digitality. More