The essence of MagnoliaTree

MagnoliaTree is an international boutique coaching and consulting firm for executives. We are passionate about encouraging dynamic individual growth. Our target group is courageous strategy decision-makers – “Tipping Point” leaders who are interested in developing ethical and sustainable leadership practices in their organizations. Why? Because these are the people who have a lasting influence on systems. But these people also often lack confidants who are able to clearly express uncomfortable truths and subsequent advice. MagnoliaTree is more than just a consulting firm. It is a transformational force on organizational, corporate, and personal levels.

What is MagnoliaTree?

We are architects of change

MagnoliaTree is a transformation architect that supports deep growth processes and leadership development. Each coaching program is individually tailored to our clients needs. As a result, no two offers are the same. Instead, we offer something unique: an intensive, individual change plan taking place over several months. Our plans touch the heart, body, brain, and soul. Each client is supported by several companions – if desired.




What makes us special?

MagnoliaTree stands out because of our independence, our kind and honest interaction at every hierarchical level, and our courage to always share the (friendly but) naked truth, even if it may be uncomfortable. We are also happy to accept the risk of not getting a follow-up engagement. Too often executives face upward censorship, where their advisors are unwilling or scared to speak the kind honesty. Those who work at MagnoliaTree are interested in a partnership. And a partner is someone who can act as a guide, companion, and advisor. A successful partnership, like any healthy relationship, requires a connection on an eye to eye level.

You can be sure that we always strive for the highest possible quality of service, that you can always trust us 100%, and that we will always be sincere and discrete.

The question you should asK yourself is not whether you can afford a coach. But rather, can you afford not to have a coach.

MagnoliaTree always encourages its clients to recognize their own power. Viktor Frankl clarifies an essential reality: It is not the event, but our reaction to it that determines the outcome. Only when we understand this equasion we begin to play an active role in shaping our own history, story and future.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

The values of MagnoliaTree

We don’t care about labels.
We care about values.

MagnoliaTree is rooted in dignified change processes. We guide executives through impact-oriented executive coaching and through organizational, professional, and personal transformation.

MagnoliaTree is more than just a consulting firm. We have a strong desire to positively shape our world. Our impact is conscious and important to us. This is why MagnoliaTree is involved in various self and externally initiated non-profit projects around the globe. Each year, we donate at least 12.5% of our profits to projects that support ethical leadership.