Offer. An Overview

The offer of MagnoliaTree in brief

Familiar but different. Our offers may seem familiar at first glance, but upon deeper exploration, you will discover a thorough, unique and effective program. For example, our smallest coaching unit is 2 hours. Our leadership programs are all about the experience. All of our offers are tailor-made and adapted to the needs of our clients. No one offer is like any other. Mostly, we work together with our clients to develop combinations of approaches to target areas in which they require further development. As a result, it is difficult for us to describe our services in a classical or rigid manner. Nevertheless, we would like to give you here an overview of the different services.

Furthermore, we cordially invite you to discuss your specific requests with us personally as our coaching process is adaptable and flexible. In regards to our capacities and expertise – Sabine Gromer has been consulting, coaching, and training since 2010. She supports clients worldwide in both English and German – physically and virtually. If you would prefer to meet in-person, we can travel for you and with you. Due to our international experiences in Asia, North America, and Europe, our orientation is global.

  • We attach great importance to the highest quality and encourage a depth of interaction in the process.
  • Each coaching, training, and workshop is characterized by intensive preparation and follow-up.
  • Our clients benefit from a wealth of lived experience in executive leadership, deep expertise in change leadership, and a full toolbox ready to assist them.
  • We support our clients by creating impressions and lovingly prepared materials.
  • Our knowledge is always up-to-date and we are constantly improving our skills. In the last three years alone, we have invested more than 100,000 euros in our team’s continuing education.
  • MagnoliaTree takes extensive care of its clients, works flexibly, does not charge by the minute, and is always accommodating to benefit the process.

A final note: As a for-profit company, MagnoliaTree is of course profit-oriented. But money is not our primary driver. Instead, it is the quality and depth of our work. We want to be there for you with integrity, honesty, and freedom in the best way possible. To nourish the drive for the global betterment of leadership, we donate at least 12.5% of our earnings each year to projects that support ethical leadership.

The Breadth of Our Offer

Our offer is aimed at both individuals and organizations/companies. The following categories are not clearly distinguished from each other. Crisis management can go hand in hand with digital leadership or organizational change and vice versa. Although we primarily address individuals with coaching and development, it may also make sense for clients to undergo training in virtual leadership. This is why we attach so much importance to ensuring that everything we offer and do is tailored to your needs. Nonetheless, below we list a range of our potential offerings, but this is far from an exhaustive list.

We are there for our customers. No matter where. No matter how. No matter when.