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Executive Coaching

The clear and primary goal of our coaching sessions is a significant improvement in your quality of life – professionally and personally. During the coaching process we focus on what keeps you awake, busy, hindered and stressed in today’s world.

  • Are you at a professional crossroads? We will help you orientate yourself and take the next step forward.
  • Is it about developing a (new) strategy? We can be your sounding board and help you with the design of the implementation.
  • Do you want to lead more effectively? We will become the whetstone that sharpens your leadership profile, developing skills and uncovering white spots.
  • Do you find yourself falling into the same behavioral trap over and over again? These patterns may have been necessary in the past, but now they stand in your way. Together we will find a way to change these hindering patterns while retaining the benefits they once brought. Often this form of introspection can be difficult and even cause pain. However, it will ultimately bring lightness, joy and abundance to your life.

Every path in life is divergent. Every path in coaching is different. Connection and trust nourish both.

Our executive coaching is always tailored to the needs of our clients. The connection and trust between coachee and coach is essential for a positive growth experience. We believe that a coach-coachee relationship can only grow through freedom. Which is why we do not offer classical coaching packages unless you explicitly request them. You may decide at any time whether and how you want to proceed. We constantly schedule “check-up” sessions, where we review our progress and plan for the future. In this joint interaction and co-creation, autonomy and dignity are encouraged.

MagnoliaTree is your Trusted Advisor

MagnoliaTree attaches ultimate importance to discretion and confidentiality. We are an ideal companion for people with public facing lifestyles and/or individuals in leading positions. Our services are ideal for those who, due to their position, find it difficult to receive honest feedback in everyday life. We never reveal our clients. Read more about this under: References

The side effect of success

by Sabine Gromer

From my own experience I know: success is a gem that often only shines on the outside. On the inside, the situation might be quite different. The one-dimensionality of success can often lead to stagnation. Stimuli in the form of luxury and pleasure lose their effect. We find ourselves driven to stand upon the pedestal, but at the same time we know our power is only borrowed. Who are we really? Who is the person that hides behind the title, the role, the mask? We have (self) doubts. Many questions. Fear. But where to put it? We hear from friends: “You have made it”. Our life partners may be tired of supporting us from off stage again, and again, and again. MagnoliaTree offers you a safe space to analyze the quiet voice inside you. We meet you on equal footing, discreetly tackling the nagging questions that bother you. Maybe this will result in a transformation process. Or maybe “merely” a better quality of life. In any case, the company will allow a change of perspective, and connect you more with yourself. Believe me, the path is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Our 3 types of coaching support

Roughly speaking, we at MagnoliaTree distinguish between three types of coaching support. These are …


We recommend regular coaching sessions, especially at the beginning of our coaching interaction. Intervals of 2-3 weeks between sessions are recommended, but this depends on the needs of the client. The coaching unit can take place virtually or in person.

Usually we will accompany you for several months, rarely longer than a year. Our coaching units are not the usual 50 minutes, but two hours long. We have found longer sessions result in greater and more consistent progress. Thanks to the extended time chuck, you can begin to integrate the insights you have gained from coaching mid-session. This space is necessary to support your consciousness and subconscious acceptance.

Schedule for a typical 2-hour Coaching Session

  • Creating the space to work: arriving and connecting
  • Discussion: deep exploration of your chosen topic
  • Integration: an enriching time for putting what you have learned into practice

Intensive Day

A one-day coaching retreat, which can also be integrated into regular coaching sessions. During an Intensive Day we can work in depth on concrete goals or look at your development on several levels. As the name suggests, these days are intense and especially useful if you feel overwhelmed by the change process. You should not plan anything for the evening after an Intensive Day, as these retreats often have a lasting effect.

What is it all about? The day retreats are mainly about combining deep experiences with the senses and corresponding exercises.

For whom are Intensive Days suitable? Intensive Days are recommended if you want to work on a deep behavioral pattern, have special questions, or want to go on a spiritual journey. They should focus on core issues of personality or development.

Intensive Growth Path

An Intensive Growth Path is typically a coaching retreat that spans several days. This can include a trip to the mountains, a safari, or even a desert escape. It is generally recommended either at the beginning, end, or in between of regular coaching sessions.

If you are on the intensive growth path with MagnoliaTree, you will follow a carefully defined 6-9 month process which aims at intensive transformation and growth. The process is characterized by making difficult decisions at the crossroads of life, letting go of what is slowing you down, and reconnecting with one’s self.

The Intensive Growth Path allows a change of perspective. During an intensive period of reflection, we are given an opportunity to recharge our batteries. Coaching is conducted in special places that can help us to break out of old structures.

Can you afford NOT to have a coach?

Heads of government, entrepreneurs, athletes and top executives have one thing in common: they all benefit from coaches. The right question is not whether they need a coach, but rather:

Can they afford NOT to have a coach?

The follow-up question is: Which coach is right for you? You are in the right hands at MagnoliaTree,

  • if you are interested in the deep change processes
  • if your quality of life needs to improve
  • if you want to experience joy through your growth process
  • if you are looking for a trustworthy and discreet sparring partner for your strategic decisions.

Coaching & Therapy

When does coaching end and where does therapy begin?

We at MagnoliaTree understand that we can’t do everything by ourselves. We only work within our field of expertise. If you need a therapist help, we’ll refer you to an appropriately trained therapist. If you require other types of assistance, MagnoliaTree can rely on our rich network of colleagues to ensure your successful transformation process.

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