2x Gold at the European Training Award 2024

As part of the European Training Award 2024, we were nominated twice and won gold in both categories – Classic Training & Online Training. We are proud.

That’s what the jury said:

Gold for MagnoliaTree’s “First Mover Programme” – Elke Pichler and Sabine Gromer – for Oldenburgische Landesbank AG .
The training approach enables a comprehensive development journey for self-motivated participants. It presents a wide range of innovative approaches within a convincing conceptual framework. A colourful mix of development spaces brings learning to life and offers a wide range of opportunities for personal development.

Gold goes to MagnoliaTree – Sabine Gromer, Holger Gromer and Elke Pichler – with “Inclusive Leadership Programme – How to uncover your biases”
The online training offers a didactically well thought-out and medially diverse programme that invites you to try it out. With a high-quality virtual learning environment and a coherent overall concept, it enables participants to embark on a personalised and flexible learning journey that goes beyond right and wrong. Thanks to a multi-digital approach that is customised, it reaches a diverse group of learners and creates an open space for reflection on an important and sensitive topic.

We are very happy and our two new gold owls got on well with the gold owl from last year.