MagnoliaTree is winner of the European Training Award 2023

We won the golden European Training Award for our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Tipping Point Leaders program in the category Mixed Trainings.

Words of the jury

“A highly realistic approach to engaging people on a difficult topic. The aim is to promote diversity and the entrants succeed in this through a diverse, varied and goal-oriented concept. The jury is impressed with this exemplary concept.”


Many companies are adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their procurement, but often lack focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As a result, many companies run the risk of being left behind in a rapidly changing market. Studies show that diverse companies are more talented, motivated, financially successful, innovative, and competitive. Therefore, DEI is not an option but a strategy for a company’s success. Since it is not just about knowledge transfer but also about culture change, the Tipping Point Method over a longer period of time is a suitable and promising approach.

With our Tipping Point Leaders program, we have been able to change the behaviour of at least 33% of employees of an international strategy consulting firm across Europe (i.e DACH, NL, TR) regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. This created an awareness of DEI and provided concrete tools and techniques to remain competitive and create a sense of belonging. Additionally, the program fundamentally opened up the traditional organizational culture to better reflect the reality of society. The result was a culture change and discussions accompanied by curiosity, openness, and interest.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement as it honors the intensive engagement with this topic over the past years.

A special thanks goes to BDVT (registered association) for giving us this great opportunity. It was an honor for us to be in the final with so many talented and dedicated people and to receive this award.