Leadership Wisdom Circle

Leadership Wisdom Circle
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In the world of leadership, understanding inner processes plays a central role. Our thoughts and feelings are strongly influenced by personal experiences and inner beliefs, which have a significant impact on our decision-making. As a leader, it is crucial to become aware of how these inner influences can affect our ability to lead. Through this awareness, we can work more purposefully on our own development while creating a supportive environment in which our team members can reach their full potential.

What is a Wisdom Circle?

A Wisdom Circle creates a safe space in which we can reflect and share our thoughts. Here we work on our communication skills, strengthen our self-confidence and create a sense of community. This space opens up the opportunity to expand your own wisdom and intuition and learn from the experiences of others. In the hectic world of leadership, there is often little time for personal reflection. However, this is particularly important in leadership positions. The “Leadership Wisdom Circle” offers you the opportunity to focus on leadership topics and to further develop your leadership potential.

How does the Wisdom Circle work?

MagnoliaTree is planning a Wisdom Circle for 6 participants (per circle) from January 2024. Every two months, all participants will reflect on a specific topic and record their thoughts in a virtual book. The books will rotate among the participants every two months. At the end of the year, we will have 6 books filled with our individual and collective thoughts on leadership and more.

1 year, 6 people, 6 topics and 1 book

The frame
Two virtual meetings
for the kick-off in January 2024 and one for the wrap-up in January 2025.

6 people per Wisdom Circle.

The topics revolve around leadership (possible topics are: Ethical Leadership & DEI, Authenticity & Emotions, Digital Leadership & Strategic Vision, Development & Mentoring …).

Target group
People who hold or have held management positions and are interested in social impact


Until 9th January 2024

16. January 2024, 5-6 pm

Safe Space
In order to create a confidential setting, the contributions are shared anonymously with the co-writers.

How can I join?

Participation is free, but requires that you commit to writing and sharing your thoughts every two months.

If you want to get to know yourself better and contemplate on leadership topics that will support you in your growth, don’t hesitate to join the circle by registering now.

Register now

Please send an informal registration by e-mail to [email protected]