Manager vs. Leader

An organization can survive for years without a leader, but not more than three months without a manager.

We often speak about leadership but really mean management. In fact, most leadership development programs should more accurately be called management development. We overemphasize and over-glorify leadership and forget that managers are essential in any organization as they keep quality in check, enable processes, grow and teach colleagues.

Having said that, the more senior you become in your organization, the more you should train leadership muscles (and, yes, we believe you can train it!). The split in your daily activities should shift towards leadership. If you like to take a simple self-assessment on where you are today, just use this document:

Download PDF
  • Select all the attributes that you live in your role today (be as honest with yourself as you can).
  • Compare that with the allocation on page 2.
  • For the brave: ask your colleagues to do the assessment for you and compare.

The lines are blurry at times and there is not a right or wrong way. You might find though that you could shift more towards leadership activities.

This is adopted from: We strongly recommend this article.